DHB members: Time to vote on your MECA


Your negotiating team has done its part. We have presented your issues and claims to the District Health Boards, and received their offer in reply. You can download the Ratification bulletin summarising the offer by clicking here.

Now it’s up to all the NZNO members covered by the DHB Multi-Employer Collective Agreement to play your part.

Meetings will be held in every DHB from 4 May to 21 May. There, members will vote on whether to accept the employers’ offer, or to reject it. Click here to see the full schedule of meetings.

Your negotiating team is not making a recommendation to accept the offer. It is you, the members, who must now decide.

It’s vital that all NZNO members working in DHBs attend a meeting, cast a vote and give the negotiating team the clear direction that we need in order to take the next steps. If you can’t get to a meeting in your usual worksite, you can attend a meeting anywhere else in the country.

This is your collective agreement so your vote really does count!

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