Why vote in the NZNO elections?

Stop. Pause what you’re doing just for a moment, and think.

What is the one thing you would like to be different about your job, about the heath system?

Keep thinking about that.

Maybe there’s more than one thing? That should be different! It’s just so wrong.

Can you change it?

Of course not, otherwise it would already be different, right?

But what if thousands of nurses, HCAs, midwives, caregivers and students were working together to change it? And if they were backed by policy experts, lawyers and advisors? Allied with hundreds of thousands of other union members. Maybe… then?

Who will lead that team, which could make the one thing different? 

That is your choice.

And if you could speak up for health, without worrying about what it meant for your job, what would you say? How loud would you speak?

Who can be that loud voice? Someone who represents you, and who doesn’t have to worry about their job. Right?

Someone who can make it ok for you to speak up, because they’ve said what you wanted to say, and you’re just quoting them. Someone who can empower you.

That is your voice.

The NZNO election is about who will be your choice, your voice. It’s about you.

This is why you should open that email from elections@electionz.com, or that envelope, or pick up the phone and dial 0508 666 003 and ask for a new one, before noon on 7 August.

This is why you should vote.

Why you should vote flyer
Click on the image to download a pdf version of this flyer, for easy local printing.

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