Welcome to the new NZNO Board

NZNO members have spoken. The results of the 2019 NZNO Board Election are in. 

The new Board represents the biggest change for our elected leadership since the positions were opened up to all-member ballots through the NZNO Constitution.

There are six new Board members on our eleven-member Board. They will take office at the NZNO AGM next Tuesday. 

I thank all of the candidates who put themselves forward. People who stand for election, with all of the scrutiny, stress and personal sacrifice this entails, do a great service to NZNO. They enable us to debate – and provide us with choices about – the future of our organisation. 

I congratulate the successful incoming and re-elected Board members – Anne Daniels, Katrina Hopkinson, Sela Ikavuka, Margaret Hand, Simon Auty, Andrew Cunningham and Anamaria Watene.

With this line-up, I am confident that NZNO has a governance team who can take the organisation forward. Together we can strengthen our organisation to work for the benefit of NZNO members and for the health of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

I look forward to welcoming all the newcomers to the Board, alongside Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku, at our first scheduled face-to-face meeting in October. 

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